Event Update: Ritviz “Mimmi Album Launch Tour”

Event Update: Ritviz “Mimmi Album Launch Tour”
  • PublishedMarch 22, 2023

Ritviz is one of the most prominent Independent musicians of this gen, he is an eclectic force to reckon with in the Indian music industry in the current times.

Right from the albums he creates, to his sense of superior fashion, and even his social awareness has a unique spin to it which screams “RITVIZ”. Moreover, he has been the most listened-to Indian independent artist on Spotify for last consecutive two years, at just 26 years of age.

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After delivering hit after hit singles from last 5 years, Ritviz is now taking his highly anticipated debut album ‘Mimmi’ all across India. The Mimmi Album Launch Tour will take a traveling spectacle – and hence deliver a unique experience to his fans across the country who will be attending the event.

Furthermore, the venue is specially organised for this tour and he will travel to each city, hence this tour by Ritviz will be the first of its kind music/art showcase concert being hosted in India.

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Ravish Ahuja

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